Proofing Options

Q. Can I see a proof before my order is printed?

A. Requesting a proof is always a good idea but you can choose to place an order with or without a proof. If there is not an option for a physical proof available in the scroll down menu, we are only able to offer a PDF proof. All digitally printed orders include the option for a colour correct press proof printed on the actual stock free of charge so please be sure to choose this option when ordering!

A hard copy colour proof may be available for other products depending on the printing method. If the option for a hard copy colour proof cannot be selected on the specific product page it means that product is produced on a club run and can only be proofed for layout by electronic PDF proof.

It is important to note that ordering a proof will delay your order. We will check your files and create your proof as soon as possible and once you approve your proof your order will go into production. If you are on a tight deadline or you are ordering rush printing please take this delay into consideration.

When you decide to place an order without a proof you are waiving the opportunity to catch and fix any errors before we put the job on press. In cases where a proof is waived a re-print, refund or discount will not be considered.

Q. Can I proof colour on a PDF proof?

A. A PDF proof cannot be used to approve colour. The appearance of colours will be affected by many variables including the paper or card stock, the coating or lamination and the print method. These variables cannot be accurately shown or emulated on a PDF proof. The colour of your printed project will not match the colour shown on a computer screen. When you approve a PDF proof you will be acknowledging and accepting these limitations.

Q. Can I see a proof before placing my order?

A. We do not offer proofing services without a complete online order, proofs are created after a complete file check ensuring your artwork meets the technical standards for printing specific to your order.

Q.  Can you mail my proof to me?

We can send a physical proof to you through postal mail. To mail a proof, it is an additional cost to cover postage. We would like to warn you that this option is not trackable, and we are not liable for its loss. If you would like a faster shipping method for your proof, please contact us prior to placing your order and we can quote one for you.

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