Common Questions About Graphic Design Services At Clubcard

Q. Do you offer graphic design and typesetting services?

A. We do offer graphic design services. Depending on what your project is like, we will inform you on whether or not we can confidently take it on. We are primarily a print shop, and there are some projects that would be better suited for a design firm. Feel free to email us at with your ideas and direction, and we will be happy to help you out.

We do prefer the client to email the design direction to us. Type out all the information so that we are confident it is correct and that we have the email as something we can look back on as reference during the graphic design phase. This speeds up the process by quite a bit. The more design direction the better!

Q. Can I meet with one of the graphic designers to discuss my project?

A. Our graphic designers do not meet directly with clients, instead a project manager will meet with you to discuss every aspect of your project and then liaise with you, the designer and the print production team. Your project manager will use their knowledge and experience to ensure your project is completed on time and on budget. Do not hesitate to let us know your deadline and budget. This can give our project managers some insight on what we can suggest to you.

Q. Can you get my graphic design work done faster?

A. Unfortunately, we are unable to rush graphic design services. Graphic design projects are scheduled based on the changing workload of our production and design team. If you request graphic design services we will outline the fastest timeline available and estimated cost to complete your work in advance for your approval.

Q. Why do I need to pay for a simple change on my file?

A. To make even simple changes one of our designers will need to open and conduct a pre-press check on your file, make the changes requested and then create a proof for your approval. Upon approval the designer must then create a final print ready file for production. We bill for a minimum of 15 minutes ($25) of time when you request this work.  Any purchased design time includes a PDF email proof which requires approval before print. Be sure to check carefully! We have experienced approvals with typos before which we are not liable for.

Q. Why can't you fix my files if I am willing to pay for changes?

A. We may not be able to open or adjust every file supplied to us including files that have low resolution images, flattened elements, live fonts, or missing linked files. If you are able to provide a working file, then we can fix most if not all issues depending on what needs to be fixed. Working files usually come in a photoshop (PSD), illustrator (AI, EPS), or corel draw (CDR, EPS) format. Depending on how the TIFF or PDF file has been saved, these can be working files as well. Jpeg and pngs are flattened images therefore we are unable to make the appropiate changes needed. Please note: Low resolution images are a file source issue, and we are unable to fix on our end.

Q. How do I choose the colours for my artwork?

A. Colours must be selected from a swatch-book that is meant for the stock and printing process matched to your project. Never choose colours on your computer screen as this colour is presented in RGB mode and printed ink or toner will not match what you see on your screen. We have swatch books available at the Clubcard shops and can help answer your questions on how colours will reproduce depending on the print method and stock chosen for your project.

However, if you do not have a swatchbook available to you and you are unable to pop into the store, you can look at some colour value references HERE. These CMYK values are well built, and are likely to be close to the printed colour.

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