How To Send Files To Clubcard For Weatherproof Vinyl Stickers

For the purpose of this video I have some sticker examples already set up.

Stickers have all the same file specifications that most other print files would have, such as 1/8" bleed, 300dpi image resolution, CMYK color mode, critical margins and so on. You can visit our website for a full run down on file specs.

When printing stickers you have a few options. You can do single cut with square backing (left), single cut with custom shape backing (center) or stickers on sheets (right).

When sending your sticker file we require you to indicating the shape you would like the sticker to be trimmed to with a vector die line. To do this, first create the shape you want, in this case it is an outline of the dinosaur, then place it on a separate layer labeled "die Line" and use a custom color swatch to indicate the die line.

When creating this shape, please remember that if the shape is extremely complex, it can make it much more difficult to peel the sticker from the backing and in some cases the sticker may tear as you peel it.

We accept Illustrator, Photoshop, Corel and pdf file formats. PDFs are preferred and can be saved out of any of the previously mentioned programs.

There you go that is what a sticker file should look like when supplied to us. We hope this video has been helpful.

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