What is meant by club run printing?

What is meant by club run printing?
We are able to offer low prices for very high quality printing using the "Club Run" printing method where we combine your print job with others at the same time on the same press using full color printing on a set of standard paper and card stocks, finishes and sizes. This is also where the Clubcard name originated.

The Advantages

Combining jobs is a bit like crowd-sourcing as it allows us to gain efficiencies, offer special papers and unique printing methods while passing along the savings of the shared cost of set-up, printing and trimming to everyone on that shared press sheet.

The Disadvantages

Timing - We require a window of time to compile all of the files, get the press ready, print, dry and trim all of the cards on the press sheet. Production window times from 6 hours up to 12 business days are available and listed online for each product; please be sure to choose the production time that meets your deadline when ordering, we are here to help but cannot change these times or rush this process faster than the times agreed to when the order is placed.

Color Considerations  - Because we are printing several clients jobs at one time on the same press sheet, we must adjust all color globally to get the best overall color for all of the jobs on that sheet. This means the color of club run printed items will vary from traditional color swatch books and will not match exactly on re-prints. With these factors in mind, color critical jobs are not suited to this printing method. We may have options for color critical work by custom estimate.

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